My Long-Overdue Haircut

My Long-Overdue Haircut
My Long-Overdue Haircut

So I have a confession to make.  Up until recently I hadn’t gotten a haircut in probably about two years!  That’s right.  I figured because I wore my hair curly that hair cuts didn’t matter.  So when my ends started getting more and more tangled, and detangling sessions became more and more difficult, I attributed it to texture, not neglect.

No matter how many oils, butters, and sealers I added to my hair, it ended up looking like a rat’s nest after day two or three.  Finally the thought dawned on me that maybe I need a haircut.  This was a very scary thought, since it seems to go against my length goals.  But what good is long hair if it’s unhealthy.  Plus, I was losing so much hair during the detangling process, that I thought “this cannot be normal”.

If you’re curly like me, you’ve probably grown up getting horrible triangle haircuts from hairstylists that would rather be doing anything else but dealing with your massive head of unruly curls.  I can easily recall the look of “oh shit” on the stylists faces when I would come in for a hair cut or a blow out.  I’ve had numerous hairstylists tell me I should get a relaxer so my hair is easier to deal with.   Then, after spending hours hopelessly trying to tame the mane, I end up leaving looking like a giant cotton ball.  With these experiences, you can easily see why I’ve always been hesitant to get my hair cut in a salon.

However, on the website, they have this awesome salon finder feature.  I plugged in my zip code and several salons came up.  The one I settled on was “Fiddleheads” Salon in Dupont Circle here in Washington DC.  According to their website, they specialize in curly hair, so you know I was excited.  Plus, it’s conveniently located by the Dupont Circle metro stop, which is a plus.

I made an appointment with Vicky.  When I walked in the salon, I was expecting to see a room full of women with big, curly, awesome hair.  But instead, nearly all the girls had straight hair, which was very unexpected to say the least.  Either way, this is what they do for a living, so you gotta give them the benefit of the doubt.  The salon was very chic and stylish.  Everyone there was super nice and friendly.

I got a DevaCut, which is basically just a dry cut.  They tell you to come in with your hair out and no product in your hair (yeah right).  You sit in the chair, and they cut off each curl individually until it’s the desired shape.  After your hair has been shaped, they wash and style your hair using Deva Curl products.  Vicky then diffused my hair thoroughly, paying close attention to each curl.  I like that she asked me if I like “big hair”.  To that, I said an excited “HELL YEAH!”.  Most stylists I’ve been to try to make your hair as small and tame as possible.  It’s nice to go to a stylist that knows that some women might actually like their hair big and curly.

When my hair was done, it looked very controlled and defined.  I don’t think I’ve ever had definition like this before:


But of course, you know I love my big hair, plus it was a Friday night, and Friday night hair must be awesome!  So I fluffed out the roots using my afro pic.  After some generous fluffing, my hair looked wayyyyy better (in my opinion).  It still had all the definition, but it was more shapely and BIGGER!

Haircut 2

DSCN0906   DSCN0899


SInce I’ve gotten my haircut, my hair has been noticeably less tangled, and I’ve been losing FAR less hair during the detangling process. My styles last an extra 2 or 3 days without looking parched.  All in all, I must say I’m very pleased and I now recognize the importance of regular hair cuts.  Sure, it may put me back a couple months in my hair length goals, but it’s more than worth it to have healthy hair.

Here’s the info of the salon I went to:

Fiddleheads Salon
1515 17th St., #2
Washington DC 20036




So what do you look for in a hair salon?  Have you gotten a Deva Cut before?  


I also made a video about it.  Like to see it?  Here it go:  

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  1. i too was in need of an overdue cut. my last cut was in may 2011, & i let the stylist convince me that “thinning” my hair would result in better definition, fall, etc. no. no it certainly did not. i considered fiddleheads & am glad to read that you are pleased with your cut! i ended up going to the vidal sassoon salon in tysons & was very, very pleased. my stylist, allison, was amazing. i was hesitant & anxious when someone who didn’t look at all like me started in on my hair, but i am so happy with the results. she was all about the volume too!
    your cut is gorgeous by the way, & i’m so happy to have come across your site!

  2. I’m soo glad I came across the blog…I just made an appointment with Vicky and I’ve never had my hair cut like this before and I had to do more research … I watch your videos quite a bit :)

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