CurlKit Unboxing – January 2013

CurlKit Unboxing – January 2013
CurlKit Unboxing – January 2013

So not only did I receive my Birchbox this weekend, but I also received my CurlKit.  For those who are not familiar with CurlKit, it’s a subscription service that sends you free samples (and some full-size products) every month for $20/month.  It’s great for product junkies like myself and those of us who like to try new products.  The products are mainly for curly/kinky hair, however they occasionally include products for locks as well.

So here are this month’s goodies:

Curlkit Jan 13


Here are the deets:

As I Am 1)  As I Am – Coconut Cowash Conditioner:  

At a whopping 16oz, the biggest sample I received was definitely the As I Am Coconut Cowash.   This product alone sells for $8 on the As I Am website, so I’m excited they’ve decided to include a full-size bottle in the ‘kit.  I’ve been meaning to cowash more often (I’m addicted to the suds) and this will be a perfect product to start.



Pooka Sugar Scrub 2)  Pooka – Pomegranate Kiwi Sugar Body Scrub 

First of all, this product smells AMAZEBALLZ!!!   I mean, seriously, it took everything in me not to take a spoon and eat this shit.  It smells that good.  Ok… I’m not even gonna lie to you.  I know it’s not food, but I couldn’t stop myself from tasting it (I couldn’t resist).  It definitely has some perfume in it, so it’s not edible, but it will probably make my skin smell and feel awesome!  I can’t wait to try this product in the shower tomorrow!  I’m not sure how big this product is, but it looks about 2 or 3oz.  The 12oz jar sells for $20 on the Pooka website.


KbN CocoAloe 3)  Koils by Nature – Ultra Moisturizing CocoAloe Deep Conditioner

A 2oz bottle of this mildly cocoabutter scented product was included in this month’s CurlKit.  I’m excited to try this product.  I’ve heard a lot about this brand, but have yet to try any of their products.  This product contains all sorts of yummy juices and berries such as; cocobutter, aloe butter, coconut oil, argan oil, macadamia nut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, and so on.  A 12oz bottle sells for $18 on the Koils by Nature website.


DSCN1079 4)  Cream & Coco – Raspberry Rice Pudding Shampoo Bar

Probably the most puzzling out of this month’s curlkit products.  With no label, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to put it in my hair or eat it.  Luckily I decided not to eat it because it turns out to be a shampoo bar.  In my research, I stumbled upon the Cream & Coco website and found all sorts of scrumptious-looking, non-edible goodies for skin and hair (Check out their handmade soaps!).  Although I couldn’t find this particular product on their website, all their other shampoo bars sell for $5 each.


Ampro Olive Oil Gel 5)  Ampro – Olive Oil Gel

Most natural ladies are familiar with this product, as many of us swear by it.  It’s an olive oil gel with no alcohol or parabens.  When I saw Ampro Olive Oil Gel in my Curlkit this month, I got Deja vu.  This product has been in several recent Curlkits and I have a stockpile of these piling up waiting to be used.  This jar is 2oz.  According to my research, the 10oz jar sells for $2.99.



Annie Rubber Cushion Brush 6)  Annie – Rubber Cushion Brush 

Although it’s called a “Rubber Cushion Brush”, it’s pretty much a Denman Brush.  Since I don’t have a denman brush, this will come in very handy.  The retail value of this brush is anywhere from $2.99 to $4.99.



Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner 7)  Beautiful Textures – Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner

I also received two packets of this deep conditioner from Beautiful Textures.  According to the package, it is for “mixed textures”, whatever that means.  Does that mean it’s for mixed people, or for people with multiple textures in their hair, or does it mean it’s for a variety of textures.  I don’t know.  A 15 oz jar of this product sells for $6.98 at Sally’s.



Keratin Maintenance Replenish Masque 8)  Keratin Maintenance – Replenish Masque

I also received a packet of the Keratin Maintenance Replenish Masque.  It says “intense treatment restores keratin proteins for stronger, smoother hair”.  The CurlKit contains a 1.75oz packet.  My browser didn’t want to open the Keratin Maintenance website, but other sources priced the 1.75oz pack at $2 each.



Lustrasilk Moisture Max Leave-in Conditioner 9)  Lustrasilk Moisture Max – Keratin Amino Acid Leave-in Creme Conditioner

The last item in this month’s Curlkit is another 1.75oz sample packet.  The directions say this is a leave-in conditioner that “refreshes dry, damaged hair”.   The 12oz bottle sells for approximately $6.99 online.



So there you have it!  The January 2013 Curlkit.  So many new and exciting products to try.  If you want to order your own Curlkit, you can do so through their website:

Have you tried any of these products?  If so, what do you think?  Curlkit subscribers, what do you think of this month’s Curlkit?

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