In Love With a Body Scrub: Pooka Pomegranate Kiwi Body Polish

In Love With a Body Scrub: Pooka Pomegranate Kiwi Body Polish
In Love With a Body Scrub:  Pooka Pomegranate Kiwi Body Polish

So in my January 2013 CurlKit Unboxing post, I mentioned that one of the items I received was the Pomegranate Kiwi Body Polish by Pooka.  Out of all the products in the CurlKit, I was most excited about trying this one because it smells heavenly, and if you watch my videos, you KNOW smell is big to me.  Just about everything I put on my skin or hair has to smell like a fruit, desert, or flower in order for me to be happy.

So, this morning I decided to give it a try, and I must say… I REALLY like it!  After washing my skin with my regular body wash, I applied the sugar scrub.  The consistency is like coarse sugar, and I was pleasantly surprised that it left my skin feeling extremely smooth and moisturized after I rinsed it off.  According to their website, this is due to the fact they add coconut oil to their product.  I applied my regular moisturizer on top, but I probably could have done without it, as this product was very moisturizing by itself.

For the earthy-crunchy types, Pooka’s products contain “no preservatives or dyes and no dangerous sulfates, parabens or phalates.”  According to the company’s website, the company focusses on making natural products for skin and hair.  Plus it looks like it’s probably a small company, which is great.  Some of the best products I’ve tried have been from small companies, and I like giving my money to a small when possible.

So after using the scrub this morning, my skin feels brand-spanking-new!  Seriously.  Even my elbows feel soft and smooth despite the harsh DC winter weather outside.

The description on the website says it contains “organic cane sugar with blueberry powder, coconut oil and kiwi seeds“.  So I’m not sure if it actually contains real pomegranate or not, but either way, I’m pleased.  I can’t wait to try their other body scrubs.  The “Coconut Crunch” one is calling my name!  :)

They also have a lot of other products on their website, like body oils, butters, hair care products, body mists, etc.  Their body scrubs are a little on the pricey side, though.  A 12 ounce jar will set you back $20, so this might just be a “special occasion scrub” for me.  Either way, I’m very pleased.

Here’s the website if you want to check them out:





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