Natural Hair Review: Locsoc

Natural Hair Review: Locsoc
Natural Hair Review:  Locsoc

For the past year or so, I’ve been stalking this product called “Locsoc”.  I’m sure many of you are familiar with these styling caps.  From my understanding, they were originally designed for people with locs, but have been growing in popularity among the loose natural hair community as a way to style and protect our hair as well.

A locsoc is basically just a piece of fabric in the shape of a tube.  It has an elastic band on the end to keep it in place around your head.  There are tons of styles you can do with your locsoc and it comes in probably hundreds of colors and designs.

I bought five locsocs.  Four regular locsocs in various colors and designs and one extra long locsoc.


Each locsoc costs $12, although when I bought them, they were having a sale so I only paid $9 each for them, which I feel is very reasonable.  So far they’ve proven to be very versatile.  I wear them to sleep to protect my hair at night.  I wear them around the house to keep my hair out of my face, and I’ve been experimenting with different styles.  So far my favorite style is just to wear the locsoc as a headband.

Before I ordered, I had watched several youtube reviews of the product.  While everyone I watched had liked the product, some of the comments described customer service issues and people not getting their product.  I, luckily, had no such issue.  I received my product only a few days after ordering it, even with basic shipping.  I was pleasantly surprised.

So I’ve had these locsocs for the past two weeks or so, and I must say I love them!  I’m actually wearing one right now!  They’re long enough to cover my ends when I need them to, but their also easy to scrunch up if I want to wear them as a headband.  I can’t wait to explore different styles.

The only improvement I would make is a little more description on the website.  The locsoc website is very well designed, but the products could have more description to them.  The website doesn’t really say what material any of them are made of, and when I received my locsocs, they were all different fabrics completely.  The three patterned ones were a smooth, stretchy, spandex-type material.  They feel very nice, but it doesn’t stay put as well as the other ones.  The camouflage one seems to be cotton, which I like.  However, I know a lot of naturals don’t like cotton for fear of breakage. The long locsoc (mustard-color) was a ribbed material.  It stayed put very well, but it seemed a little rough on my hair.  I only wish the locsoc website would tell you what material you’re ordering so you know what you’re getting.

So overall, I really like my locsocs.  I know I’m going to get quite a bit of wear out of these things.





Have you tried locsoc?  What do you think?  What do you use to protect your hair at night?  



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