Product Review: Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls

Product Review: Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls
Product Review:  Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls

So, as most of you know, I love me some Miss Jessie’s.  Pricey as it may be, I get some of my best results with their styling products.  I love my Curly Meringue and Quick Curls has grown on me in recent months.  In my opinion, their products are usually well-scented (which is super important to me), and give me the results I want.  I usually don’t care too much for their shampoos and conditioners, though, as I feel like if I’m going to put something THAT expensive in my hair, I don’t want to wash it out immediately.

Regardless of the price, Miss Jessie’s has usually been good to me, but sometimes it can make my hair a little stiff if I don’t apply it with a light hand.  So you already know, this summer with Miss Jessie’s announced they were releasing a product called “Pillow Soft Curls”, I was siced.  I envisioned big, fluffy, moisturized curls just blowing in the breeze.

I took advantage of their end-of-year BOGO event to re-up on my Curly Meringue, but I also bought a bottle of Pillow Soft Curls to try.  At first I applied it on clean hair, with just a touch of Coconut Oil underneath to keep it light.  My initial impressions were:

Smell Test:  B+

You know fragrance is UBER important to me.  I like my hair products to basically be perfume for my hair.  The PSC smelled strongly like fresh linen.  I love the fragrance, however I see how it could be a bit overpowering.  I’ve watched numerous reviews by other Youtubers and you either love it or hate it.  No in-between.  I’m on team “love-it”.  But be warned, if you don’t like strongly-scented products, you will not like this product.

Price:  C-

As with most Miss Jessie’s products, PSC is NOT for the frugal.  Although you may only need a modest handful (depending on how much hair you have), it’s still one of the pricier products on the market, but not as expensive as a lot of MJ’s stylers.  An 8.5oz bottle will set you back a whopping $22!  This is why I give this product a C- for price.

Consistency:  C-

PSC comes in a squeeze bottle, very similar to Quick Curls.  While QC runs very smoothly through my hair, and even helps in the final steps of detangling, PSC does not.  It is very similar in consistency, but for some reason, raking it through my wet hair was very difficult.  I felt like I lost a few extra hairs in the process.  It’s a light product, so you will most likely need some sort of a moisturizer underneath, especially if your hair is rather dry, like mine.

Results:  C-

Arguably the most important aspect of any product.  I diffused my hair part-way, then let it air dry the remainder of the way.  The results were… um… eh.  I was hoping PSC would give me light and airy results, but my hair actually felt somewhat coated.  It felt like I had some sort of extra residue on my hair.  It kinda felt a little gross.  The results LOOKED ok, but not as good as QC or CM.  My hair felt coated but still had quite a bit of frizz.  I think this product may work best for a more loosely-curled texture.

Longevity:  C-

So, I tried this product two or three times.  My hair looked ok day 1 and day 2.  Day 3 was a little sketchy.  It just got progressively frizzier and frizzier each day.  I ended up washing my hair after 3 days the first time I tried it, and got maybe 4 days the second time.  I usually expect to get 4 or 5 days from each wash-n’-go.  Therefore, I give it a C- on longevity.

Overall:  C

As much as I wanted to like this product, it just didn’t do it for me.  Although it smelled amazing, it left a weird coating on my hair and didn’t prevent frizz as much as I would like.  This product might be better for those with looser hair textures (2c to 3b), but it wasn’t the best product for my hair.

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